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This website is intended as a worldwide portal for information, advice and news about one of the most versatile and enduring popular dance styles – rock n roll dance.

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Here, people can share news and information about clubs and groups, tips and advise on how to improve your dancing, where to learn and their photos and videos. You can comment on posts and help to enhance and maintain our wonderfully absorbing interest.

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Music Cruises AustraliaElvis style music on a luxury Island on The Great Barrier Reef

Johnny Welsh’s Music Cruises Australia have a double event at Daydream Island in May 2014 featuring some Elvis-style entertainment or 60s, 70s, 80s.

Dance Move – Give your partner a Turkish towel!
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george houdog galea 1George ‘Houndog’ Galea
A Professional Compare, Announcer, Rock N Roll Dancer Teacher / Instructor and at one stage with classes in five different locations within the Sydney Metro Area. See Coast FM 96.3 Rock n Roll Dance Party


Rock n roll dance bands

The Party Cats - Peter and Davvo

The Party Cats

If you want to party and you want some cool cats to provide some great Rock n Roll entertainment you won’t do much better than The Party Cats. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, the boys perform at a variety of…


Rock n Roll dance Latest Article:

Relax and shine

The single most common mistake made by novice Rock n Roll dancers is being too tense when they dance. This results in stiffness and rigidity as opposed to flexibility. When we dance, we move our bodies in unusual ways. To do this effectively, especially in time to music, we must be flexible. That means we must ease up. Relax and shine….

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  1. Jenny says:

    Wow! what a great site. Looking forward to seeing lots more content.

    • Gareth says:

      Lot’s more content coming. I’ve had a great deal of encouraging support from clubs, bands and teachers. I’m posting information almost as fast as I receive it.

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