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Dancing Lowers Heart Disease Risk

Posted by: Gareth   on:  09/03/2016   Category: general

We knew this! According to an ABC news report, dancing lowers the risk of heart disease. Significantly!

Learn To Dance For Fitness And Romance

Posted by: Gareth   on:  01/01/2008   Category: general

Have you ever thought of learning to dance? That's a great move! Dance is a fabulous feel-good exercise. If you wish to attract a new romantic partner, there is no better way than to learn a structured dance style. People who are known as great dancers are always popular with the opposite sex.

June and Derek - Competition winners

Posted by: Gareth   on:  25/04/2007   Category: general

June & DerekSouth Australia has many fine Rock n Roll dancers. We have a large Rock n Roll following and many venues featuring bands that play our favourite music style with, good dance floors to practice on. One partnership that has blossomed in recent times is that of June and Derek.

Disabled kids see Rock n Roll for first time

Posted by: Gareth   on:  19/12/2007   Category: general

June and Gareth dance for disabled kidsOn the morning of Thursday, 7th December 2007, highly popular musical duo Boris Loves To Boogie set up their equipment in the gymnasium of the Suneden Special School at Mitchell Park, South Australia. This gig was unusual in that the audience consisted of several dozen children with various intellectual disabilities. These included Down's Syndrome and Angelman's Syndrome.

Roll Over, Roy Orbison

Posted by: Gareth   on:  17/10/2013   Category: general

Oh, Boy! Did Roy Orbison get it wrong? Buddy Holly would have rolled over in his grave while Beethoven, contrary to the lyrics of Chuck Berry’s classic song, rests peacefully in his, secure in the knowledge that his music has withstood the test of time. Rock ‘n’ Roll die? That’ll be the day!

Rock n Roll Dance -Teach Your Children!

Posted by: Gareth   on:  19/10/2013   Category: general

June and Rose love Rock n Roll danceDancing Rock n Roll is a great family activity. Children love music just as much as adults and they enjoy dancing if they're given the opportunity to learn. Dance can help them to appreciate the benefits of structured activity. Since it's also very much a visual art, it can help them to develop self esteem as well as learning constructive social skills within a defined community.

Light Arm Rock vs Rough-house Rock

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: general

Gareth and Jeryl light armDance with her? No way! She'd rip the wings off a jumbo jet! Is he dancing with that woman or is he trying to beat her up? As light as a ton of bricks.

In charge of skirts

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: general

skirts1I'm not sexist, but as a man I love to be in charge of skirts. Fortunately, I know some ladies who are not unhappy about that.

Alcohol vs Rock n Roll

Posted by: Gareth   on:  13/10/2013   Category: general

Rock n Roll dance is no sinking ship but in South Australia at least, it could be headed for a watery grave. Alcohol is a problem.

Is "You Lead" a fair call?

Posted by: Gareth   on:  24/10/2013   Category: general

You lead!

What we are concerned with here is the classic and very common cry of a man during dancing of "You led!" (How dare you?)

I am convinced that there's more to this than meets the eye!

Is Dancing Rock n Roll Heaven Or Hell?

Posted by: Gareth   on:  24/10/2013   Category: general

Winston Churchill wrote that after he died and arrived in Heaven he would like to spend a good deal of his first million years painting. I'm no artist, except with the BS perhaps, so after I die I think I would like to spend a good deal of my first million years dancing Rock 'n' Roll. But just what will Rock 'n' Roll be like in Heaven? Perfect, of course.

McLaren Vale Rocks

Posted by: Gareth   on:  16/11/2013   Category: general

Teaching around eighty people how to dance Rock n Roll in forty-five minutes isn't the easiest task. But, to a committed dance teacher who really wants to see our wonderful activity preserved and gaining popularity, it's definitely worth the effort. On 9th November 2013, a 1950s Rock n Roll fundraiser was held in the Institute Hall at McLaren Vale, South Australia. The guests were mainly young people in their early twenties. Most had little dance experience, but  they fairly bubbled with energy and enthusiasm. A group of experienced dancers also attended. That was great, as they could show the learners how  the dance should really look.

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