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category: moves

Cool Dance Moves - The Swizzlestick

Posted by: Gareth   on:  31/08/2016   Category: moves

The Swizzlestick is a really nice move performed by lots of dancers in Rock 'n' roll and some other styles.

Dance Move - Drop spin

Posted by: Gareth   on:  19/10/2013   Category: moves

dropspin3Every man knows that if you turn your back on a pretty lady she might be gone in a flash. If you should happen to drop her hand you might never grasp it again. But there's good news! The drop spin. If you can perform this simple, stylish dance move well,  the lady won't be offended. Instead, she'll stick around for more!

Turkish Towel Your Partner

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: moves

promenade- turkish towel 1 When you have a pleasing partner it's natural to want to 'promenade' them. Forget the board-walk, you can do it on the dance floor and give them a Turkish towel to boot.

The Pretzel - A Complex Move

Posted by: Gareth   on:  17/11/2013   Category: moves

You don’t need to be as skinny as a pretzel to perform this move, you just need very flexible arms. You might like to practice it to the Beatles song “Octopus’s Garden”, because you will feel like one of the said cephalopods by the time you’ve done it a few times.

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