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Dancing Lowers Heart Disease Risk

Posted by: Gareth   on:  09/03/2016   Category: general

According to an ABC news report a study by researchers at Western Sydney University showed that people aged over 40 who dance almost halve the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

The study analysed data over ten years from 48,000 people older than 40 who live in Great Britain.

This is great news for those of us who love to dance and do it often.

The associate professor who released the findings pointed out that it was possibly not just exercise that lowered the risk, but that social effects and anti-stress value of dancing may also play a part.

Many of us in conversations have discussed the potential health benefits of dance activity. We could add quite a bit to what these researchers have stated. Here are some medically unproven but likely additional benefits of dance that could well influence the longevity of dancers.

People enjoy dancing, especially if they do it well. That helps them to feel good about themselves. Feeling good about yourself is reported by both mainstream alternative medical professions to be highly therapeutic. Certainly, it's far better for longevity and relative health status than feeling bad about yourself.

Hobbies or pastimes people love to be involved in enhances their will to live. They will certainly never die from boredom!

Dance requires people to be physically and mentally alert. That state of alertness possibly spills over into other areas of people's lives, perhaps reducing the likelihood of accidental death among older people.

In Australia, dancers are out of favour with publicans, many of whom don't hire bands that attract rock 'n' roll dancers as we don't drink much alcohol. That's because hitting the booze while you're trying to dance slows you down and makes you dangerous on the dance floor. Reduced alcohol intake is also associated with lowered risk of cardiovascular disease.

At least one report has suggested that dance could be protective against dementia. Let's hope so. I would hate to forget my moves.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-01/dancing-good-for-the-heart/7211436?section=health

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