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On The Rebound by Floyd Cramer

Posted by:    on:  25/11/2013   Category: rock-n-roll-dance-songs

On the Rebound - Floyd Cramer at his best

Floyd Cramer played piano on Elvis' recording of Heartbreak Hotel and a stack of other Elvis recordings. As a session musician, he also played piano on a number of Roy Orbison's records, as well as tickling the ivories for Patsy Cline and other notable artists. (See Wikipedia)

In this lead piano recording, he showed his brilliant slip-note style with a vim a vigour that could set even a tired dancer's feet ablaze.

The pace is fairly fast, but not so quick that you'll lose control. The melody is structured the way that really great Rock n Roll dance tracks ought to be with good variation in liveliness. Several toned-down interludes allow you to keep the speed, but use some more laid-back moves that still suit the mood of the song. This feature gives dancers a bit of a 'breather', so they're not worn out towards the end.  Also at just over two minutes in length, you don't wind up wishing the song would hurry up and finish.

This track suits just about any Rock n Roll dance style, though it's a bit quick for triple-step.

You can use On The Rebound anywhere in a dance set and be sure that people will be far more likely to enter the dance floor than exit it. As it's purely instrumental, it also makes a welcome change. Wide variety in music helps to keep dancers interested.
Floyd Cramer's On The Rebound on YouTube:

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