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Dancing Simplicity Is The Key

Posted by: Gareth   on:  08/03/2016   Category: advice-tips

Everybody wants to look great when they dance. If only there was a simple thing you could do that would wow audiences, win admiration and and make lots of people want to dance with you. Well, you're in luck. There is! Sadly though, many people miss what is staring them in the face.

Take a look at the dancing in this video. A lot of beginners I have worked with would say this dancing is very complex. That's an impression easily gained. In fact, it's not. The reality is very different.

The moves this gentleman is making certainly require exceptional skill and timing. However, they are actually simple moves. The impression of complexity comes from the variety of them.

This dancing is a complexity of simple moves performed extremely well.

Beginners want to impress. They see practised dancers perform complex moves, like Pretzels, Thread-the-needle, etc.( if you don't recognise these names it's because many moves have a variety of identifiers). They gain the impression that you need to learn those moves in order to look good. Usually, having learned contortion-style moves, they perform them quite badly. That's because they haven't yet developed high levels of fluidity and the ability to synchronize perfectly with music. The result looks sloppy and amateurish - the exact opposite of what they were hoping for.

An additional problem is that when beginners head down the path of rough-looking complex-move dancing, they find it difficult to reverse what they've learned and start again. It's too much bother for them.

I have spent many years advising new freestyle dancers to keep their moves simple and concentrate on improving how they move rather than learning lots of different moves.

Many very stylish and impressive dancers never use complex moves at all. They stick to being brilliant movers who look great on the dance floor regardless.

This couple are a perfect example of that. Their accuracy and timing are honed to perfection. That puts them well and truly in control of every aspect to their performance - and that in a nutshell is mostly why it looks so impressive.

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