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Southside Rock and Roll Club Inc

Posted by: Gareth   on:  29/11/2013   Category: clubs-rock-n-roll

Southside Rock and Roll Club Inc - Canberra

Visit their website http://www.southsiderocknroll.com/

Southside Rock and Roll Club Inc

Southside Rock and Roll Club Inc. started in 1990 and has been running continually in Canberra since then. The Club had its humble beginnings at the Dutch Club in Mawson when 6 couples turned up for 6 weeks of lessons and quickly grew into a much larger group of dancers from all over the ACT,Queanbeyan and nearby areas.

Our Club has had its home at Burns Club Kambah ACT,  8 Kett Street,  Canberra  for around 15 years, being one of the long standing intramural clubs operating from within the “Burnsie”.

We have regular social dancing on Sunday afternoons from 3.00 pm onwards where members exchange new moves and practice our old ones. We also run regular 6 week courses of structured lessons teaching basic and advanced steps for Rock and Roll/Rockabilly dancing, these are also conducted on Sunday afternoons from 2-3pm. The normal social dancing resumes after the lessons where everyone can practice those new found skills, get some exercise and mix with a very friendly group of fun-loving people.

Southside Rock and Roll Club members encourage everyone who comes along to be a part of the fun and friendly atmosphere where learning and participating in all forms of rock and roll dancing is a pleasure. And it keeps us all young at heart!

We hold dances each year when we have interstate bands travel to Canberra to play for us, giving everyone more opportunity to dance, to practice and enjoy a great social night.

Our Club members also promote our Club and dancing by participating in demonstrations for community and charity events in the Canberra area.

The committee and members invites everyone to come along, give rock and roll dancing a try and share the joy we all get out of dancing.

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