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Free rock 'n' roll lessons in Adelaide

Posted by: Gareth   on:  02/10/2017   Category: lessons-rock-n-roll

Do you live in Adelaide, South Australia and want to learn the basics of rock 'n' roll dance? Gareth is running free classes to help people become involved in this supremely enjoyable leisure activity.

For over twelve years, Gareth has been teaching people the essence of great social dancing. His teaching style is specifically designed to help people either with confidence or even those a bit lacking in belief to master basic techniques. They learn a style of fun and exciting dance that can be used in a very wide variety of social situations.

Classes will be at West Lakes Bowling and Tennis Club, 21 Edwin Street, West Lakes Shore. People are welcome to simply turn up but it's best to call and let him know you are coming. Both singles and people with partners are welcome.

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