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The Rockin Mustangs - Sydney band

Posted by: Gareth   on:  29/10/2013   Category: lessons-rock-n-roll

The Rockin MustangsThe Rockin Mustangs have been together for the last four years. In that short time they have already gained a place as one of Sydney’s popular rock and roll bands.

Big Al's Rock n Roll - Sydney classes

Posted by: Gareth   on:  30/10/2013   Category: lessons-rock-n-roll

Big Al's Rock n RollBig Al's Rock n Roll is a series of dance classes in Sydney, NSW. Learn to Dance in The Macarthur, Campbelltown, Camden & Fairfield District

Southside Rock and Roll Club Inc

Posted by: Gareth   on:  29/11/2013   Category: lessons-rock-n-roll

Southside Rock and Roll Club Inc - Canberra

Visit their website http://www.southsiderocknroll.com/ Southside Rock and Roll Club Inc. started in 1990 and has been running continually in Canberra since then. The Club had its humble beginnings at the Dutch Club in Mawson when 6 couples turned up for 6 weeks of lessons and quickly grew into a much larger group of dancers from all over the ACT,Queanbeyan and nearby areas.

South Australian Dance Teacher – George Davison

Posted by: Gareth   on:  03/04/2007   Category: lessons-rock-n-roll

George is a highly experienced rock ‘n’ roll dance teacher in Adelaide, SA. He has instructed countless new rock ‘n’ rollers over the decades.

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