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Renmark Rocks On Festival - March 2017

Posted by: Admin   on:  20/09/2016   Category: events-coming

Rock 'n' Roll festivals are numerous in Australia, where a large following engages in the exciting and rewarding pastime of Rock 'n' Roll dancing. Organisers are usually rewarded with a strong attendance

Here's one in the South Australian country town of Remark, situated in the heart of the district known as the Riverland along the banks of the mighty Murray River.

South Australia is a great place to be in summer, hot and not too humid. Adelaide's twenty-five kilometres of golden beaches are often packed but rarely overcrowded.

This event is in early autumn, so it likely won't be too hot, but still beautiful weather.

The town of Renmark is 260 kilometres to the north-east, an easy three hour drive. Locals and interstate dancers will be drawn to a performance by The Lincolns, one of Adelaide's premier acts. They play an exciting mix of Rock 'n' roll and Rockabilly.

If you like Rock 'n' roll dancing and you've never been to South Australia, consider it for your next holiday. You'll need a hat, some sunscreen and your dancing shoes.

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