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Cool Dance Moves - The Swizzlestick

Posted by: Gareth   on:  31/08/2016   Category: moves

Swizzlestick is a really nice move performed by lots of dancers of Rock 'n' roll, some forms of jive and other styles. A freestyle move, it can be slotted into your performance anytime that's appropriate - meaning balance and position of both dancers must be correct. Additionally, there needs to be no-one nearby you are going to crash into. Be aware of the last point because the second part of this move is performed with the man's elbow high, so anyone too close can receive a knock on the head if you're not careful.

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Entering this move is similar to entering a 'cuddle', except that the man's left hand remains high. The easiest way to make this move smoothly is for the girl to simply roll around the man's right-hand side. My own hot tip for ending up in the right position is that as the girl rolls around I aim my right hand at her navel. That way, after she has completed her roll-around my hand winds up on her hip. That's where it needs to be for the back-to-back carousel move that follows.

Once you have lots of proficiency and particularly with a girl who can make tight spins upright and very quickly, the man can give the move a slightly different look by deliberately holding her away from himself while she spins. He then needs to move towards her to gain the correct positioning as soon as her spin is finished. That's crucial because after she has just 'swizzled' at high speed, she is in no position to suddenly move close to the man in time. He must go to her.

Swizzlestick is a fun move that lots of dancers are familiar with, so people who dance with a range of partners will find it a useful addition to their repertoire.

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