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Victor Harbour Rock 'n' Roll Festival 2016

Posted by: Gareth   on:  30/08/2016   Category: events-coming

Each year in September the South Australian coastal town of Victor Harbour springs to life with the dazzling sights and thrilling sounds of a Rock 'n' Roll festival. Ladies in gaily-coloured swishy skirts, men in dance outfits, hot Rock 'n' Roll bands and hot rods descend en masse into this normally quit holiday and retirement spot where whale watching is a much more usual pastime.

Commencing on the evening of Friday 16th September through to midday Sunday, bands and DJs play continually at a variety of venues. The sounds of Rock 'n' Roll music from yesteryear can be heard in hotels, cafes and also outdoors in the town's major park located on the sea-front. Even a church joins in the fun with a gig entitled Bless My Soul - The Gospel Music Of Elvis performed by the popular Andy Seymour.

Organisers highlight the impressive success of former years on their website.

"With live rock 'n' roll music all weekend over three stages in the heart of seaside Victor
Harbor, on South Australia's beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula. Attended by nearly 10,000 people in 2015, the festival is jam-packed full of activities with rock 'ní roll literally taking over the town for the weekend.

Boasting three dance floors, over 500 vehicle displays, memorabilia, market stalls, great people, coastal views and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy! For classic car enthusiasts, why not enter your vehicle? Entry is FREE and is eligible for all rock 'n' roll related vehicles."

You can visit their website at www.rocknrollfestival.com.au

Their program for this year is shown below.

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