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Boulders 50's Rock 'n' Roll

Posted by: Gareth   on:  24/10/2013   Category: clubs-rock-n-roll

Boulders 50's Rock 'n' Roll is a dance group- giving people the opportunity to enter the world of Rock 'n' Roll. Based in Victoria

AKL Freestyle Rock'n'Roll Dance Club

Posted by: Gareth   on:  24/10/2013   Category: clubs-rock-n-roll

The style of dance is based on old time Rock’n’Roll. With moves that originate from, Jive, Swing, Ceroc, Salsa and of course Rock'n'Roll 50s & 60s style. Awesome social Rock'n'Roll dance & music to suite everyone. Have fun keep-on rock'n. Weekly lesson.

2Rock-Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll Club London

Posted by: Gareth   on:  24/10/2013   Category: clubs-rock-n-roll

Modern acrobatic Rock'n'Roll, popular in Europe. Different from authentic R'n'R of 50's. Higher kicks instead of steps/flicks, usually danced to modern rock or pop music. Faster and more dynamic dance with more demanding acrobatics. Shows and competitions. All levels of acrobatics. Learning slowly in safe environment. For all levels, beginners, advanced... Everybody can do it!

Is Dancing Rock n Roll Heaven Or Hell?

Posted by: Gareth   on:  24/10/2013   Category: general

Winston Churchill wrote that after he died and arrived in Heaven he would like to spend a good deal of his first million years painting. I'm no artist, except with the BS perhaps, so after I die I think I would like to spend a good deal of my first million years dancing Rock 'n' Roll. But just what will Rock 'n' Roll be like in Heaven? Perfect, of course.

Is "You Lead" a fair call?

Posted by: Gareth   on:  24/10/2013   Category: general

You lead!

What we are concerned with here is the classic and very common cry of a man during dancing of "You led!" (How dare you?)

I am convinced that there's more to this than meets the eye!

The Cruze Brothers - Adelaide Band

Posted by: Gareth   on:  23/10/2013   Category: musicians-bands

The Cruze Brothers - Adelaide band The Cruze Brothers are a four-piece combo of superlative musicians. They play live music at corporate events, provide backing for touring big-name artists, and provide great dancing/listening music at some of the more popular hotels and bars around Adelaide.

Henley Square Rocks

Posted by: Gareth   on:  23/10/2013   Category: events-previous

Henley Square Rock n Roll danceOn Sunday 4th December 2005 a group of dancers took part in a demonstration arranged in conjunction with the Adelaide Rock n Roll Club. It was a dazzling display of delightful dancing that will likely have inspired some spectators to attend Rock n Roll dance lessons.

Daydream Island for Elvis lovers

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: events-previous

Daydream Island  - Music Cruises AustraliaIf you'll be in Australia in May 2014 and would like some top music-based entertainment, Johnny Welsh's Music Themes Australia has just the thing. Sole use of luxury Daydream Island in the Whitsundays for two separate events. Elvis style entertainment or 60s, 70s, 80s - your choice.

Turkish Towel Your Partner

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: moves

promenade- turkish towel 1 When you have a pleasing partner it's natural to want to 'promenade' them. Forget the board-walk, you can do it on the dance floor and give them a Turkish towel to boot.

Relax And Shine

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: advice-tips

relax while dancing.The single most common mistake made by novice Rock n Roll dancers is being too tense when they dance. This results in stiffness and rigidity as opposed to flexibility. When we dance, we move our bodies in unusual ways. To do this effectively, especially in time to music, we must be flexible. That means we must ease up. Relax and shine.

Boy From New York City

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: rock-n-roll-dance-songs

The Boy From New York City as recorded by Manhattan Transfer in 1981 is an excellent track for Rock n Roll dance. It has a medium-fast pace with a strong beat.

I Fought The Law

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: rock-n-roll-dance-songs

Bobby Fuller Four's recording of I Fought The law dates back to 1966. A popular song at the time, the quick strong tempo is ideal for Rock n Roll dance.

Song - My Sharona

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: rock-n-roll-dance-songs

The Knack's My Sharona was a No 1. hit around the world in 1979. It has a strong medium pace beat, which makes it good for rock n roll dance.

Song - No Matter What Shape

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: rock-n-roll-dance-songs

No Matter What Shape (you're stomach's in) is a song with a slower rock beat. It's good for triple-step dancing, which doesn't work so well with a fast pace.

In charge of skirts

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: general

skirts1I'm not sexist, but as a man I love to be in charge of skirts. Fortunately, I know some ladies who are not unhappy about that.

Light Arm Rock vs Rough-house Rock

Posted by: Gareth   on:  22/10/2013   Category: general

Gareth and Jeryl light armDance with her? No way! She'd rip the wings off a jumbo jet! Is he dancing with that woman or is he trying to beat her up? As light as a ton of bricks.

Dance Move - Drop spin

Posted by: Gareth   on:  19/10/2013   Category: moves

dropspin3Every man knows that if you turn your back on a pretty lady she might be gone in a flash. If you should happen to drop her hand you might never grasp it again. But there's good news! The drop spin. If you can perform this simple, stylish dance move well,  the lady won't be offended. Instead, she'll stick around for more!

Finesse, Not Force with Rock 'n' Roll Dance

Posted by: Gareth   on:  19/10/2013   Category: advice-tips

Wildly flinging your weight around in a neatly controlled fashion is a contradiction in terms. Doing it in in time to music is a forlorn hope for most people. Every expert in every form of physical pursuit from origami through to heavyweight wrestling will tell you that it is how you use your body that counts, not simply how much force you apply.

Rock n Roll Dance -Teach Your Children!

Posted by: Gareth   on:  19/10/2013   Category: general

June and Rose love Rock n Roll danceDancing Rock n Roll is a great family activity. Children love music just as much as adults and they enjoy dancing if they're given the opportunity to learn. Dance can help them to appreciate the benefits of structured activity. Since it's also very much a visual art, it can help them to develop self esteem as well as learning constructive social skills within a defined community.

Roll Over, Roy Orbison

Posted by: Gareth   on:  17/10/2013   Category: general

Oh, Boy! Did Roy Orbison get it wrong? Buddy Holly would have rolled over in his grave while Beethoven, contrary to the lyrics of Chuck Berry’s classic song, rests peacefully in his, secure in the knowledge that his music has withstood the test of time. Rock ‘n’ Roll die? That’ll be the day!

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